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Mobiz is the solution for companies that want to:
boost the productivity of sales reps
improve the efficiency of order processing and debt settlement
reduce errors during order submission
build better business relations
The mobile application, mobiz, can be installed on portable devices (smartphones, tablets) operating on the basis of Android. The majority of modules is served by the paging system that stimulates the function of creator. Our users note that it is the most intuitive and ergonomic way of using the application.
The implementation of mobiz results in numerous benefits, above all: reduction of time needed for order processing, cost cuts in terms of the customer service and, last but not least, gaining new customers. Mobiz users systematically receive information regarding the completion of their sales targets as well as data concerning tasks and activities planned by their headquarters. Overall, mobiz allows for more efficient time management.
Mobiz facilitates thorough electronic communication between a headquarters, sales representatives and business partners. Thanks to the possibility of customising the system to individual business needs and expectations, mobiz proves useful in small, medium and big manufacturing as well as distributing enterprises.
Data processing centers use servers and hardware of renowned companies, such as Dell or HP. The servers load is balanced, what ensures stability, reliability and efficiency of mobiz. In terms data storage and protection, Infinite relies only on the latest technology. The data is continuously retorted between two locations, what guarantees constant communication and failsafe data processing.
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